Creative industry in Malaysia has already come to form an important sphere of practice representing an important sector of the new economy. This situation triggered the concern of personal control and comfort needs for designers which played a big role in creative industry. The main objective is to design a new concept of designer’s workstation which accommodate with the nature of design work. For this purpose, 10 designers from a different design company and principle were contacted and studied. The researcher has study the interaction between designers within their workstation and the similarity need in their nature of design work. For the strong justification, a few readings on the related issues have been done. 

The findings of this study show that the designer’s workstation design is very vital in terms to accommodate to the nature of design work and increasing designers’ productivity. Comfortable and ergonomic workstation design motivates the designers and substantially increases their performance. Significantly, the study will contribute Malaysia economically by the demand due on designer’s workstation due to the impressive growth of design industry. Socially, the study will contribute toward Malaysia design society by providing them a workstation which would accommodate their nature of design work. For the future benefit, a further and critical study should be done on the workstation issues due to change of approach in technology and work.

Designers : The Contribution and Their Satisfaction on Workstation
Designer is a person who designs. More formally, a designer is an agent that "specifies the structural properties of a design object" (Ralph, 2009).The classical areas of designers are divided in smaller and more specialized domains of design according to the product designed. The specialized domains were Architectural, Landscape, Interior, Interface, multimedia, fashion, graphic and many more. Their physical environment are different depends on their design principle. Drawing enables designers to develop and evaluate their ideas. The act of drawing works as a means on firming up idea. The understanding of perspective and an ability to draw well is vital. The quicker they are able to sketch and develop design, the greater the number of projects they will able to work through. (Paul Rodgers, 2008)

Among a various kind of job position, designers play a big role and help to boost the society. Knowing that designers are not only responsible for aesthetics, but also improve the living conditions of society through participation can be one of the important professions a designer can be (ThinkLab, 2010). The Malaysia government views the design industry as very important because the invention, innovation and product producing will be largely driven by that sector. The impressive growth of design industry in Malaysia has triggered a potential of having more design firm and design education base. (The Borneo Post, 2010).The impressive growth of design industry in Malaysia has triggered a potential of having more design firm and design education base. The researcher identifies the situation as an opportunity of having more demand to supply the workstation needed for the new design firm and education base.
The satisfaction of workstation in working environment is an important element in every organization as well as design organization. The appropriate workstation for designers is crucial since there are various types of designers with a different design process. However, the appropriateness of features, dimension, technology, technical and usability are main criteria to assure the satisfaction of workstation. Every office has unique furniture and spatial arrangements, lighting and different levels of noise. (Amina Hameed, 2009). Better outcomes and increased productivity is assumed to be the result of better workplace environment. Better physical environment of office will boosts the employees and ultimately improve their productivity. Various literature pertain to the study of multiple offices and office buildings indicated that the factors such as dissatisfaction, cluttered workplaces and the physical environment are playing a major role in the loss of employees’ productivity. (Carnevale, 2009)
However, every workstation at design company in Malaysia was supplied by office system manufacture. Generally, the workstation supplied was a secretarial-based workstation which is different with design practice process. Most of the design practitioners would prefer to have workstations which are really appropriate to their line of work. Every feature on their workstation is being utilized precisely to accommodate to their design progress.

Based on the mentioned rationale, the following research questions are addressed:
1. What are the similarities needed by the designer in their workstation?
2. What is the best practical guide to interpreting the published ergonomic guidelines in the designer workstation?
3. What is the best design solution that could solve a problem faced in designer’s workstation?

Therefore, the researcher aims to identify a problem appeared in current workstation, analyze the interaction between the designers and their workspace, identify the similarity needs, a specific design direction, and the philosophy of design to design a workstation. Meanwhile, the objective is to propose a specific design direction to design a designer workstation which accommodate to the nature of design work. The study focused on the visualization which is similar and core process for every designers. Beside, the studies were pursuit on a few interview and observation in a design firm around Klang Valley which is a main industry area.


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Every feature on their workstation is being utilized precisely to accommodate to their design progress.


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